Face Massage


The face is the mirror of our inner world.

All our emotional states are reflected on it.

Over time, the most common expressions are fixed.

So wrinkles formed, facial disfigurement, tightness in the muscles.


The "Harmony" is a gentle and highly effective method that rejuvenates the face with a relaxing effect on the mind and body.

With the fingertips gentle techniques are applied for releasing the subcutaneous connective tissue. The massage techniques and muscle renewal, aimed at restoring the "natural shape" of the person. In a short time the wrinkles are smoothed, eyelids renewed elasticity returns, fine lines disappear, and muscle tone is restored. 


The "Harmony" in combination with a gentle cleansing with herbal products and ampoules enriched with vitamins, is a perfect gift for you or your loved ones.

A gift that will remain unforgettable.


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