Muscular pains

Muscle aches: you Repel the alternative


Grip the neck, stiffness in the waist, leg cramps, pain in motion ... Turn back pain with natural solutions.


Intensive exercise, an injury during exercise, poor physical condition, manual labor, the wrong posture or even a sudden movement sufficient to increase muscle strength and eventually cause pain. For those who do not want to burden their bodies with drugs, there is the option of alternative treatments. These are focused and we show you how they can help aromatherapy and reflexology.


The oils that relieve

Essential oils have warming properties and relieve muscle aches are eucalyptus, sage, rosemary, black pepper, the juniper (juniper), mint and ginger. All have analgesic and refreshing action, functioning as decongestants circulatory system and is simultaneously energizing.


Pressures and flows treat

The method of reflexology, a specific pressure and massage the feet, hands and ears, activates the self-healing mechanisms of the body, facilitating the flow of blood and secretion of anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving substances that reduce pain.

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